Education Ministry issues guidelines regarding precautions to be observed by schools to combat the ill-effects of the heat-wave.


The Ministry of Education on 11th May 2022, has issued guidelines regarding precautions to be observed by schools to combat the ill-effects of the heatwave. The guidelines include relaxing uniform regulations with avoidance of leather shoes, reducing and revising school timings, restricting outdoors and playground activities etc.

As per the guidelines, school bus or van should not be over-crowded and it shall not carry students more than the seating capacity. Drinking water and First Aid Kit should be available in the bus and van. Students coming to school on foot or bicycle should be advised to keep their head covered.

Further students may be advised to carry their own water bottles, caps and umbrellas and use them when out in the open. School should ensure availability of sufficient potable water at multiple places preferably at temperature lower than that of surroundings. Water cooler or earthen pots (pitchers) may be used for providing cold water. In every period, teacher should remind students to sip water from their water bottles. Students should be made aware of the importance of proper hydration to combat the heat wave and advised to drink sufficient water at regular interval. With increased hydration, use of washrooms may increase and schools should be prepared for it by keeping the washrooms hygienic and clean.

Sachets of ORS solution, or salt and sugar solution to treat mild heat-stroke should be readily available in the schools. Teaching and non-teaching staff should be trained to provide first aid to students in case of mild heat-stroke.

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