Karnataka Excise (Brewery) (Draft Amendment) Rules, 2022.


The State Government of Karnataka vide its notification dated 8th April 2022, has published the Karnataka Excise (Brewery) ( Draft Amendment) Rules, 2022 and has invited objection or suggestion from the public which shall be addressed to the Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Finance Department, Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru – 01 within 7th May 2022.

Through this amendment, the definition for the term “Craft brewery “has been inserted as follows:

“Craft brewery” means a small brewery with an installed capacity not exceeding 2 Lakh litres per annum in a place having not less than 4,000 sq. feet built up area, wherein only bottled Beer is manufactured, and includes every place therein, where bottled Beer is stored or issued”

Any person desirous of obtaining a licence for a Craft brewery shall apply to the Excise Commissioner in Form 1-B through the Deputy Commissioner. If the Excise Commissioner is satisfied that the application is in accordance with these rules, that the premises in which the applicant proposes to manufacture bottled Beer and the apparatus he proposes to use are suitable he may grant the licence to the applicant in Form 2-A, subject to these rules and the conditions of the licence.

Further the fee for grant or renewal of a craft brewery licence shall be Rs. Five (5) lakhs in a year.

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