SEBI notifies guidelines in pursuance of amendment to SEBI KYC Registration Agency (KRA) Regulations, 2011.


The Securities and Exchange Board of India on 6th April 2022, has notified additional guidelines in pursuance of amendment to SEBI KYC Registration Agency (KRA) Regulation 2011. The Guidelines provide that ‘KYC Registration Agency (KRA)’ shall continue to act as the repository of KYC data in the securities market and shall be responsible for storing, safeguarding, and retrieving the KYC documents and submit to the Board or any other statutory authority as and when required

The KRAs shall independently validate records of those clients (existing as well as new) whose KYC has been completed using Aadhaar. The records of those clients who have completed KYC using non-Aadhaar OVD (officially valid document) shall be validated only upon receiving the Aadhaar Number.

During the process of validation, KRAs shall validate the following details:

  • Aadhaar   through   Unique   Identification   Authority   of   India   (UIDAI) authentication/verification mechanism.
  • Mobile number and e-mail ID using OTP validation (only in cases where mobile  number  and  e-mail  ID  provided  by  client  are  not  seeded  with Aadhaar)
  • PAN using the Income Tax Database.

The validation of all KYC records (new and existing) shall commence from 1st July 2022.

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