Draft Code on Social Security (Chandigarh) Rules, 2021.


The Chandigarh Labour Department on 29th December 2021 has issued the Draft Code on Social Security (Chandigarh) Rules, 2021 and has invited comments/suggestions from the public which shall be addressed to Labour Commissioner, Labour Welfare Centre Building, Sector 30-B, UT, Chandigarh in writing or on email alcld-chd@chd.nic.in and alc.lc30@gmail.com within 45 days.

Key highlights from the Draft Rules.

An employee who is eligible for payment of gratuity under the Code, or any person authorized, in writing, to act on his behalf, shall apply, ordinarily within thirty days from the date the gratuity became payable, in Form VII to the employer.

The gratuity payable under the Code shall be paid through Demand Draft or by crediting in the bank account of the eligible employee, nominee or legal heir, as the case may be.

Every Employer of an establishment covered by the Code shall get his/her establishment registered electronically with competent authority in Form XIII within thirty days from the date of notification.

A employee who is in receipt of a half monthly payment shall not be required to submit himself for medical examination elsewhere than at the place where he is residing for the time being for more than twice in the first month following the accident or more than once in any subsequent month.

If the injury of employee results in death, the employer shall in addition to compensation to be given under the code shall deposit with the competent authority a sum of fifteen thousand rupees or such amount as may be notified by the Government through Gazette notification, for payment of the same to the eldest surviving dependents of the employee towards the expenditure of the funeral of such employee or where the employee does not have any dependent or was not living with his dependent at the time of his death to the person who actually incurred such expenditure.

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