Government of Goa has published the revised scheme for promotion of Grid Connected Solar Rooftop systems with Net metering 2021-22.


The Government of Goa on 7th October 2021 has published the Revised Scheme for promotion of Grid Connected Solar Rooftop systems with Net metering 2021-22 which shall be implemented through Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA).

The main scope of this scheme is to promote & popularize Grid connected Solar Rooftop System in all consumer segments viz. residential, institutional, social, Government, commercial, industrial etc and to provide financial assistance for residential, institutional, educational, commercial and industrial sectors.

The beneficiary will have to install solar rooftop systems only through empanelled vendor (empanelled as per the guidelines of Phase–II of Solar rooftop programme of MNRE, GOI by GEDA) at the net of CFA amount i.e. making payment to the vendors after deducting the eligible CFA amount as per MNRE.

The State Government shall provide subsidy restricting to 30% for the prosumers of Residential, Group Housing Societies/ Residential Welfare Associations, upto LT level i.e. having solar plants upto 90kW size, on the capital cost or the benchmark cost provided by MNRE or cost arrived through tendering process by GEDA whichever is lower where installations are carried out through emapalled agencies shortlisted under the Phase–II of solar rooftop programme of MNRE.

All the buildings/ /Houses/Educational Institutions/Industrial/ commercial establishments which are registered with Panchayat or Municipality having permanent Electricity connections are eligible for subsidy under the scheme.

Further the Benefits under this scheme shall be disbursed on first come first serve bases and the installations eligible for subsidy on bench mark cost of MNRE or as per the derived cost by GEDA whichever is lower.

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