The Bihar Prohibition and Excise Rules, 2021.


The State Government of Bihar on 27th September 2021 has published the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Rules, 2021 which shall extend to the whole of the State of Bihar.

As per the rules, the manufactories shall obey the regulations and directives issued by the State Government in furtherance of New Excise Policy and complete prohibition. The manufactory shall not make any alteration in the plant or add or remove any other permanent apparatus/plant/machinery without the prior approval of the Excise Commissioner. Such application for alteration, addition or replacement must be routed through the Collector. An application for such alteration shall be made in Form EL-1A. The Collector shall issue the permission in Form EL – 1B after receiving approval from the Excise Commissioner.

Proprietor of every manufactory must give 15 days prior notice in writing to the Collector of the date on which he proposes to commence operations and at least one month prior notice before closure of its operations.

The movement or transportation of Industrial Alcohol and Intoxicants manufactured within the State of Bihar shall be regulated in the following manner:-

An export permit may be issued after the manufacturer produces a valid import permit to the Excise Commissioner. Upon receipt of the import permit and an application in form EL-2A, the Excise Commissioner shall consider giving an export permit valid up to a period of one month in form EL-2B and there shall be no fee for issuance of any movement pass.

If any consignment of intoxicant or ENA/industrial alcohol is being transported by road through the territory of Bihar from a place outside the State of Bihar to another place outside the State of Bihar, it should mandatorily pass through one of the entry points or exit points declared by the Excise Commissioner. The driver or any other person in-charge of the vehicle shall, at the time of entry, obtain a transit pass in Form EL-3B at such entry point upon submission of an application in Form EL-3A

The Transit Pass so issued in Form EL-3B shall be surrendered by the concerned driver/person-in-charge of vehicle before exit at the last destined exit point of State of Bihar within a period of 24 Hours from the date and time of issue of Transit Pass at the first entry point.

Industrial Alcohol shall be stored in warehouses that shall be inspected by the authorized Excise officer on a regular basis and in case of any enhancement of storage capacity it shall be made only after due permission of the Excise Commissioner.

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