Rajasthan PCB grants temporary relaxation from seeking consent to establish/ Operate for manufacturing of life saving medical equipments.


The Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board on 1st May 2021, in order to ensure adequate supplies of life saving medical equipments, personal protective equipments and oxygen gas cylinders, has given temporary relaxation in the mandatory requirement of seeking prior consent to establish/operate to all the projects/activities/industries.

The Board has allowed the following units involved in production/manufacturing/assembly of the following activities/products, to establish and operate new production units/expand existing production capacity and start production, without seeking Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate/ Acknowledgement under the provisions of Water (prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 for a period of ninety days from issuance of this order:-

  • All Lifesaving medical equipment. (Ventilators, bipaps, stretchers, wheelchairs, other ICU equipments etc) and all lifesaving drugs which have been enlisted as life saving drugs by DCGI/ICMR/Health department, GoR/ any other competent authority. (However, this will be applicable only for drug formulation units and will not apply for basic drug manufacturing units.
  • Oxygen Gas (manufacturing and bottling plants.)
  • All such nitrogen manufacturing gas plants which are converting into Oxygen gas manufacturing purposes.

    The above relaxation shall be for a period of 90 days and all such units shall have to mandatorily apply for seeking the due Consents after the end of the relaxation period as per the categorization of the industries issued by the State Board.

Further, the above order does not exempt or absolve the said units/project proponents from seeking compliance with any other act/regulation as applicable to it as per prevailing laws.

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