Madhya Pradesh Industrial Relation Rules, 2020.


The State Government of Madhya Pradesh on 9th February 2021 has published the Draft Madhya Pradesh Industrial relations Code, 2020 and has invited objections or suggestions from the public within thirty days and it shall be addressed to the Deputy Secretary to the Labour Department of Madhya Pradesh or by email

Key Highlights from the Rules.

  • There shall be a written agreement between employer and the worker in Form-I and shall be signed by the parties in the agreement and a copy made thereof.
  • The Application for any dispute has to be filed before the grievance redressal committee by any aggrieved worker and it shall be raised within one year from the date on which the cause of action of such dispute arises.
  • The grievance redressal committee shall consist of equal number of members representing the employers and the workers which shall not exceed the ten.         
  • Registered trade union shall collect the subscription from its members on a monthly, quarterly, half- yearly or a yearly basis. 
  • The auditors appointed under this regulation shall be given access to all books of registered trade union and shall verify the general statement with the account and voucher.
  • Further when the registered trade union is dissolved, notice of dissolution shall be sent to the registrar in Form III and the registration of trade union shall be made in Form IV.

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