NPPA extends the ceiling price of orthopedic knee implants till 15th September 2021.


The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority vide its notification dated 15th September 2020 has extended the ceiling price on knee implants up to 15th September 2020. NPPA had imposed price ceiling on knee replacement systems and categorized knee implants into two major categories – Primary Knee Replacement Systems and Revision Knee Replacement Systems.

In each category, there are four sub-categories – Femoral Component, Tibial Component or Tibial Tray, Articulating Surface or Insert and Patella. Under four sub-categories, there are super-sub-categories distinguishable on the basis of feature or material such as titanium alloy, oxidized zirconium, Hi-flex, cobalt chromium, polyethene etc.

NPPA in its earlier notification extended the price cap on orthopaedic knee implants till September 15 and it has allowed companies to take a 10% hike for their products last year, further it has slashed the prices of knee implants by almost 70 percent around 2017 using the extraordinary powers granted under the Drug Price Control Order (DPCO), 2013.

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