Government of Odisha issues guidelines to private hospitals with 30 or more beds to provide COVID-19 treatment


The Odisha Health and Family Welfare department in its notification dated 7th August 2020 has issued guidelines to be strictly followed by private hospitals registered under Orissa Clinical Establishment (Control and Regulation) Act, 1990 having 30 or more beds.

Key Highlights from the guidelines.

The private hospitals shall designate a minimum of 10% beds to be reserved for Covid-19 patients with an option to convert the entire hospital as a COVID hospital and those reserved beds must include sufficient ventilators.

The Hospital before starting the treatment must get themselves registered through the web portal.

There shall be separate fever clinics and facilities for isolation of suspected cases and Only those patients who are covered under insurance or pay on their own will be treated in the hospital.

The hospital must provide all possible treatment as per guidelines issued by the Government of India and newer drugs shall be rationally and judiciously prescribed.

Further, the hospital shall charge reasonable fees from patients and refrain from collecting exorbitant fees and they shall develop a mechanism for collection of bill amount on a day to day basis so that a lump sum amount never remains pending.

The hospital shall regularly share all information to the government regarding the availability of facility, Patient information, line of treatment, availability of beds, price charged etc.

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