Government of Karnataka mandates private hospitals to update bed availability data


The State Government of Karnataka on 28th July 2020 has directed all the private hospitals to update bed availability data in Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) software and Centralised Hospital Bed Management System (CHBMS).

The data shall be mandatorily updated every six hours in the available CHBMS of BBMP and SAST Portals on a real-time basis, for facilitating the immediate allocation of beds to the needy patients and to prevent avoidable life-threatening consequences due to delay in data updating. Failing which, stringent administrative and legal actions would be initiated against the defaulters as per the relevant provision of KPME Act 2017, Karnataka Epidemic Disease Ordinance 2020 (Karnataka Ordinance 07 of 2020) and Indian Penal Code by the competent authorities.

Earlier, the government had directed all private hospitals to reserve 50 percent (General beds, HDU, and Isolation ICU with and without ventilator) of the total beds for treating government referred COVID-19 patients. Subsequently, it had instructed the private hospitals to regularly update the display board on availability of beds, however, private hospitals in the state in general and those in BBMP (Bengaluru city) in particular have not been updating data of availability of beds in the respective software applications, resulting in a lot of inconveniences.

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