Government of Chandigarh publishes Chandigarh Building Rules (Urban) Amendment 2020


The State Government of Chandigarh vide its gazette notification dated 20st July 2020 has published the Chandigarh Building Rules (Urban) Amendment 2020 which specifies that the amalgamation of two or more adjoining Residential plots with the same ownership having contiguous zoned area shall be permitted, subject to the condition that the sites to be amalgamated shall fall under the same ownership.

In case of residential sites falling in Marla category, the building controls/frame control, wherever applicable shall continue to be applicable and no change whatsoever shall be permitted in the external facades, elevations, projections and building set back lines.

The amalgamation of sites shall be permitted by the Estate Officer, UT Chandigarh as per the relevant rules and regulations.

Once the permission is granted by the Estate Officer, UT Chandigarh for amalgamation, then the revised building plans will be got approved by the owner as per the revised zoning plan/ prevailing norms/procedure etc and the processing charges for amalgamation of residential plots shall be Rs.10,000/-

In case the amalgamated plot is to be reinstated to its original category, then the charges @5% of the prevailing collector rates of the size of the amalgamated plot shall be applicable.

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