Bihar Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) (Amendment) Rules, 2020


The State Government of Bihar vide its gazette notification dated 27th July 2020 has published Bihar Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) (Amendment) Rules, 2020.

Through this amendment, new rule 3A has been inserted which states that No employer of an industrial establishment shall convert the posts of the permanent workmen existing in his industrial establishment on the date of commencement of the Bihar Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) (Amendment) Rules, 2020, as fixed term employment thereafter.

Further, under the definition column, the term fixed-term employment workman has been explained as follows “fixed-term employment workman” is a workman who has been engaged on the basis of a written contract of employment for a fixed period: Provided that,  his hours of work, wages, allowances and other benefits shall not be less than that of a permanent workman and he shall be eligible for all statutory benefits available to a permanent workman proportionately according to the period of service rendered by him even if his period of employment does not extend to the qualifying period of employment required in the statute.

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