The government of Gujarat has revised the fees for registration of boilers


The Labour and Employment Department of Gujarat on 23rd July 2020 has published the Gujarat Boiler (Amendment) Rules, 2020 in which it has revised the fees for registration of boilers.

For the approval of the firm for manufacture of boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, economisers, tubes etc. the fees shall be Rs 20,000 and for renewal, it shall be Rs 10,000.

For the approval of firm for the manufacture of casting, forging, valves, cast forged and plate flanges, etc the fees shall be Rs 10,000 and its renewal shall be Rs 6,000.

The Approval of the firm as a manufacturer shall be for a period of 2 years and thereafter they shall apply for renewal of their firm recognition at least two months before the expiry of said period.

Further, the fees for registration of Boilers shall be calculated on the basis of rating and shall be levied in accordance with the scale given under the amended Rules and an inspection fee for separately fired super-heater, re-heater and economizer shall be charged at the same rate as the registration fee.

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