The government of Karnataka constitutes a medical experts committee to supervise Covid-19 hosptials


The State Government of Karnataka on 24th July 2020 based on the supreme courts direction has decided to constitute an expert committee to look after various aspects of inspection, supervision and to issue necessary directions to all government hospitals, COVID hospitals and other hospitals which are taking care of COVID-19 patients.

The Committee shall regularly monitor and supervise all COVID-19 institutions and shall ensure that ambulance, emergency. Laboratory, clinical, reporting machinism and other essential Covid services are efficient.

The committee shall ensure installation of CCTVs in the COVID wards and peruse the footages of CCTV and shall ensure the supplies of drugs and diet are satisfactory.

The Committee shall examine the duty rosters and ensure that safety measures for healthcare workers are followed and to see that the standard protocols of COVID-19 of the State/ Central Government are duly complied.

The Committee shall give its report immediately to the inspected institution and to the Deputy Commissioner after every inspection and its compliance is verified in the subsequent visit/s of the committee and shall submit a consolidated District Report on a regular basis to the Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka, Additional Chief Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department and Principal Secretary to Govt, Medical Education Department.

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