Odisha Government issues Guidelines for Medical Practitioners working in Private Practices in context of COVID-19


The Health and Family Welfare Department of the Government of Odisha on 17th July, 2020, issued Guidelines for Medical Officers/ Doctors working in private practices during the COVID – 19 pandemic on account of several health-care personnel being infected by the virus.

Therefore Medical Practitioners pursuing professional practices in their own consultation chambers or in private set ups such as nursing homes/ poly clinics/ private clinics are required to strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All nursing homes/ poly clinics/ clinics/ consulting chambers must have separate fever clinics and isolation facilities.
  2. Hand washing facilities, hand sanitizers and face masks must be made available.
  3. After every single use all equipment like BP instruments, stethoscope, thermometers and any other touch points have to be sterilized/ disinfected.
  4. Social distancing and IPC Protocol has to be mandatorily followed in the premises.
  5. Information Education and Communication (IEC) material on infection control practices
    along with ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ should be displayed in the premises.
  6. Severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) or Influenza Like Illness (ILI) cases must be
    mandatorily notified to the district surveillance unit/ local bodies.
  7. Register of patients visiting the clinic must be maintained.
  8. Authorised persons must be allowed access to inspect the premises and records as and when necessary.
  9. Legal action will be taken against any doctor found negligent in complying with any prescribed guidelines.

The guidelines shall come into effect immediately.

Click here to read the guidelines.

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