MoHFW issues SOP for reopening of hotels and hospitality sector from 8th June


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 4th June 2020 has issued a Standard Operating Protocol on preventive measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in hotels and hospitality sector units . The SOP aims to minimize all possible physical contacts between Staff and Guests and maintain social distancing and other preventive and safety measures against COVID-19.

All Hotels shall ensure the following arrangements:

  • Entrance to have mandatory hand hygiene (sanitizer dispenser) and thermal screening provisions and All staff and guests to be allowed entry only if using face cover/masks. The face cover/masks has to be worn at all times inside the hotel.
  • Proper crowd management in the hotel as well as in outside premises like parking lots–duly following social distancing norms shall be ensured. Large gatherings/congregations continue to remain prohibited.
  • Preferably separate entry and exits for guests, staff and goods/supplies shall be organized. Maintaining physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet, when queuing up for entry and inside the hotel as far as feasible. Specific markings may be made with sufficient distance to manage the queue and ensure social distancing in the premises.
  • Details of the guest (travel history, medical condition etc.) along with ID and selfdeclaration form must be provided by the guest at the reception.
  • Luggage should be disinfected before sending the luggage to rooms.
  • Hotels must adopt contactless processes like QR code, online forms, digital payments like e-wallet etc. for both check-in and check-out.
  • Room service or takeaways to be encouraged, instead of dine-in. Food delivery personnel should leave the packet at guest or customer’s door and not handed directly to the receiver. The staff for home deliveries shall be screened thermally by the hotel authorities prior to allowing home deliveries
  • Proper disposal of face covers / masks / gloves leftover by guests and/or staff should be ensured.

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