Advisory in view of COVID 19 issued by Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike


Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike vide notification dated 19th March 2020 has issued certain measures to be followed by Shopping Malls in light of the Pandemic COVID 19. The measures are intended to discourage consumers to visit such places during the Pandemic.

The workers are to make that they discourage the people from touching the commodities and to always use hand sanitizer which should be made available at various points. All door knobs, floors billing tables, handles and any such surface likely to be touched by any person is to be cleaned periodically with Sodium Hypochlorite, bleaching powder or any other effective disinfectant.

The notification states that no time bound sales which may attract a large crowd can be introduced during this time. The place of business should at all times ensure that it has additional billing counters and staff to disperse off the crowd at faster pace and must educate and inform the consumers of the preventive measures that must be taken. The employees should be properly educated about the healthcare measures.

Click here to read the notification.

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