West Bengal Labour Department fixes minimum rate of wages for establishment defined under the Shops and Establishments Act, 1963.


The Labour Commissioner, Government of West Bengal in its notification dated 27th December 2019 has prescribed the latest Minimum Rates of Wages in the employment of establishment as defined under the Shop and Establishment Act 1963 in the state of West Bengal.

Establishment as defined under the Act Includes commercial establishment and establishment for public entertainment like hotels, restaurant, eating-house, café, cinema and such other class or classes of concerns or undertaking as the state government may take into consideration the nature of their work and declare it to be establishment for the purpose of this Act.

The monthly minimum rate of wages for unskilled employees working in Zone A shall be Rs. 8,349 and those who work in Zone B shall be Rs.7,307. And the rate of wages for semi-skilled  employees shall be Rs.9,185 in Zone A and Rs.8,035 in Zone B

Minimum rate of wages for skilled employees shall be Rs.10,104 employed in Zone A and those employed in Zone B shall be paid minimum of Rs, 8,840. Highly skilled employees for whom the minimum rate of wages shall be Rs.11,113 in  Zone A and those employed in Zone B shall be paid Rs.9,725

The classification of employees is as follows:

(i) Unskilled workers: Peon, Cleaner, Bearer, Security Guard, Sweeper, Messenger.

(ii) Semi-skilled workers: Duftry, Assistant Accountant.

(iii) Skilled workers: Clerk, Typist, Office Assistant, Office Maintenance and Inventory Management Staff, Data Entry Operator, Accountant.

(iv) Highly Skilled Workers: Head Assistant, Senior Accountant, Computer Operator, Research and Development Staff or Executive, Market Research Staff or Executive, Godown-in-Charge, Office Supervisor, Sales Representative or Sales Promotion Employees.

Areas under Municipal corporation, Municipalities, notified areas/authorities, development authorities, industrial township areas belong to Zone A and rest of the west Bengal belongs to Zone B.

The minimum rates of wages are applicable to employees employed by contractors also. For disabled persons, minimum rate of wages shall be same as payable to the workers of appropriate category, further men and women employees shall get the same rates of wages for the same work or work of similar nature.

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