FSSAI Issues directions to the commissioners of food safety to avoid unnecessary documentation for licensing


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in its Notification dated 22nd  November, 2019 has issued Directions to the licensing authorities that they ‘must’ avoid unnecessary documentation for the purpose of licensing or registration of food businesses.

The directive states that the list of documents required for each kind of business are already available on the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) and licensing authorities may limit their queries only to those documents.

 In case if any additional documents are considered essential, reasons must be recorded for calling the same in FLRS. The FSSAI’s directive further says that queries should not be asked in piece-meal manner while the applications should be scrutinized properly wherein deficiencies in application should be raised in one go.

In case of auto generated licenses, the licensing authorities shall check those applications to ensure that all documents filed are in order, else a notice should be issued to FBO and further processing undertaken.

The Commissioners and Directors are directed to conduct monthly monitoring meetings. The authorities have been directed to ensure strict compliance.

Click here to read the Notification

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