Government of Punjab simplifies the self-certification scheme for Industries and Employers


The State Government of Punjab in its Gazette Notification dated 1st  November 2019, has made amendments to simplify Self Certification Scheme for Industries and Employers under various Central and State laws.

The following changes has been brought under the scheme:

  • Self Certification Scheme would be mandatory hereinafter for Startups, MSME, IT/ITES, Life Sciences and Biotechnology and other such categories except for certain categories of industries based on risk profiling. 
  • Requirement of furnishing bank guarantee as provided under clause 6 of the earlier Notification dated December 06, 2013 has been omitted.

This Scheme has been introduced to streamline the implementation of various Labour Laws in the State of Punjab and also to facilitate the employers and entrepreneurs. The objective of this Scheme is to curtail visits of Government officials for inspection and to reduce visits of entrepreneurs to Government Offices, by automatizing approval and regulatory compliances.

The scheme shall be applicable for 16 Acts and Rules mentioned in the circular and once opted for the Scheme, the same shall be valid for a period of five years. The employer can at any time opt out of the Scheme by giving intimation to the Labour Commission in writing.

Click here to read the Notification

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