Rajasthan Boiler Exemption Notification


The Factories and Boilers Inspection Department, Rajasthan to cater to the need for rapid industrialization of the State and after giving due regard to the material, design and construction of boilers released a notification stating necessary compliances and conditions for the exemption to the boilers which have been installed or which will be installed in future having the safeguard system for protection against over pressure, low water level, flame failure etc. on 11 June, 2019.

The necessary conditions and compliances that the exempted boilers would be subjected to have been listed below:

  • In the case where the certificate for the use of the boiler expires, the owner of the boiler is required to engage a boiler engineer via the official RajFAB web application for carrying out the  inspection of the boiler before the expiry date of the certificate as per the Indian Boilers Act, 1923
  • After the completion of the said inspection, annual certificate in form added at the end of the notification would be issued within the prescribed time limit through the official RajFAB web application.
  • The boiler engineer is required to submit record of the inspection online and further follow the provisions of the Boilers Act, 1923, rules and regulations made thereunder and guidelines of the Chief Inspector. She/he shall be liable and responsible for any act or omission committed against the provisions of the Boilers Act, 1923and rules and regulations.
  • The boiler engineer is also needed to submit a duly signed note regarding the inspection of the boiler in use, to the chief inspector. The note on reception would be pasted in memorandum of inspection book maintained in the department.
  • The Annual Certificate from boiler engineer shall be submitted by the owner of boiler to the chief inspector of factories and boilers online. it shall be responsibility of the owner of the boiler to run and maintain it as per the provisions of the Boiler Act, 1923 and rules and regulations made thereunder and the owner shall also be liable and responsible for any violation.
  • The boiler owner has the choice of either opting for inspection and certification of boiler in use by boiler engineer as per this notification or competent person as per the Boilers Act, 1923 or the Indian Boiler Regulation, 1950.
  • The allocation of boiler engineers would be computerized and randomized and shall be made through the official RajFAB web application.
  • The same Boiler Engineer would not be allowed to inspect the same boiler twice consecutively and He/she should not be an employee of the factory where the boiler is installed.
  • The fees as per the Act or rules and regulations made there under are to be deposited in the Treasury Account of the Department.
  • In the case, an accident occurs to the boiler or to any part of the boiler during this period, then the use of the boiler is needed to be stopped immediately and the Chief Inspector is required to be informed of the same.

* Boiler Engineer would be a person,-

  • Who possesses a degree in Mechanical or Power Plant or Production or Metallurgical Engineering from a recognized institution;
  • Has a valid certificate of proficiency under the Boiler Operation Engineers’ Rules, 2011; :
  • Having minimum 5 Years of experience in the field related to boilers;
  • Having a valid online account on the official RajFAB web application of the Factories and Boilers Inspection Department and;
  • Has not attained the age of 60 years.

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