Civil hospital dumps biomedical waste in own campus


The Times Of India, Gurgaon TNN | Mar 29, 2016, 01.13 AM IST

Gurgaon: Patients visiting Civil Hospital for treatment are greeted with the overwhelming stench of biomedical waste lying on the hospital premises. The rotting mess, dumped right outside the chief medical officer’s office, makes it really difficult for patients and visitors to breathe.

“The smell is so bad, it’s unexplainable. Unlike the smell coming from a normal dump, it stays with you for hours making you feel nauseous,” said Pawan Kumar, a patient. Patients have approached the authorities complaining about the garbage and the smell coming from it. However, no action has been taken yet.

“We have complained to the authorities regarding the smell and the inconvenience it is causing to all of us. But there has been no action yet,” said Ramwati, another patient.

 Apart from biomedical waste, other garbage like used diapers are also dumped in the open, which add to the stench while attracting flies. “At least one place we expect some cleanliness is the hospital. How can we expect anyone to get better among this filth?” said Ramzana, a patient visiting the hospital.

Hospital authorities, when asked, claimed they would have the waste removed at the earliest. However, it must be noted that open dumping of biomedical waste not just smells foul, it can also lead to some serious harm to people inhaling the air exposed to this waste.


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