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Whether you are an MNC or just starting out, we can help you make compliance a habit
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About Us

Legality Simplified = Legal presented simply with IT

We aim to bring a seamless integration of legal and statutory requirements of a company using the latest information technology platforms to make it easier for companies of today and tomorrow more compliant and transparent. We carry with us over 30 years of experience in managing legal & statutory compliance covering wide range of industries. This gives us a unique advantage of Industry exposure and in-depth knowledge of the laws pertaining to each industry.

Our Services

Legal Compliance Audit

Reduce risks from statutory scrutiny, using our compliance audit system, identify and mitigate compliance gaps based on feedback of our team of experts.

Legal Compliance Software

Use our tool ‘GOAL’, get inbuilt compliance database, get alerts of upcoming due dates, with a real time dashboard and store compliance evidence, all in one place

Compliance Training & Awareness

Get our experienced trainers to educate your team on best Compliance Practices and Governmental stipulations for your industry, so they can support your business.

Legal Advisory

Whether you are looking to incorporate a new company or raise capital through an IPO, our team of legal & compliance experts can assist in every stage of your business.

Our Services

Latest Updates

RBI issues Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies to combat Covid 19

The Reserve Bank of India vide Press Release dated 27 March, 2020 has issued Statement on Developmental and Regulatory …

SEBI further relaxes LODR compliances due to COVID 19 Pandemic

SEBI vide circular dated 26th March, 2020 further relaxed timelines for compliances under SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015, due to …

Relaxation in compliances for certain provisions of SAST regulations, 2011 due to COVID 19 Pandemic

Securities Exchange Board of India vide circular dated 27th March 2020, has relaxed certain provisions of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition …

Work from home for all Private Sector Offices in Delhi as notified by Department of Health and Family Welfare, Delhi

The Department of Health and Family Welfare, Delhi issued a notice stipulating that all Private Sector Offices are to …

The Ministry of Labour advises employers not to terminate the employees or reduce wages on the pretext of COVID-19 outbreak

The Ministry of Labour and Employment vide notification dated 23rd March 2020 has issued an advisory to the employers …

Compliance Calendar

Compliance Calendar

all-day Assam Professional Tax Act – Return
Assam Professional Tax Act – Return
Mar 30 all-day
Every employer shall furnish a monthly return in the prescribed form before the expiry of the 30th day of each month in the prescribed format. Format: Form III Penalty: An employer, without reasonable cause, fails …
all-day Maharashtra Professional Tax – M...
Maharashtra Professional Tax – M...
Mar 30 all-day
Every employer registered under this Act shall furnish an online return before the expiry of the due date. Prior to the submission of the online return, the employer has to enroll himself for e-service. Format: …
all-day Telangana Professional Tax – Return
Telangana Professional Tax – Return
Mar 30 all-day
Every assessee ‘registered’ under the Act shall submit to the assessing authority, a return In Form V every month showing the salaries and wages paid by him and the amount of tax deducted by him …
all-day GST Annual Return
GST Annual Return
Mar 31 all-day
Annual Return to be filed by the Registered Person other than an ISD, TDS/TCS Taxpayer, Casual Taxable Person and Non-resident Taxpayer in Form GSTR-9.Penalty: – Not Yet Enforced. This event has a Google Hangouts video …
all-day Maharashtra Self Certification &...
Maharashtra Self Certification &...
Apr 1 all-day
The employer shall file the Consolidated Annual Return for the specified labour laws every year on the prescribed date. This scheme will apply only to those Shops/ Establishment/Factories, etc. which opt to join the scheme …

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